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What's in our special sewing lessons?!

This is a new way to learn how to sew, based on traditional and reliable methods of teaching sewing.

It may take a little bit of explaining but once you see how it works, how you can pick and choose what you would like to learn, and how it is taught, you will see how it can help remove your sewing frustrations and set you on the road to success.

Traditionally, sewing was taught at home to children and this teaching continued in primary and secondary school. Sadly today this is not the case, instead we struggle to find helpful information online while we try to teach ourselves.

One BIG missing piece in this, is that we cannot actually see what it is we are trying to achieve! We try and enlarge pics, we pause videos, to try and see how a zip is sewn, or how to finish a seam, really not helpful at all. Traditionally a new sewer would have been shown a sewn example of what they were trying to achieve, a completed zip, an already finished seam, mother, grandmother, teacher, they would have been able to show us a sample or already completed garment, so it was really clear what we were aiming for.

This is exactly what our lessons do:

we uniquely provide you with a sewn sample of each process!

You can hold it in your hand and see exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. No more squinting at the screen or getting exasperated with poor illustrations in books.

Professional sewers are still trained in this way, building their sewing knowledge one sewing process at a time, practicing each sewing process and building up their own library of sewing samples. This is how our lessons work. Each lesson focuses on up to six sewing processes, building your knowledge and experience step by step. For example, our first lesson focuses on the simple seam and includes samples and instructions for you to practice and learn 6 sewing processes:

Sewing Lesson - Seams 01, you will learn and practice:

  • A hand tacked seam

  • A straight seam - open

  • A straight seam - closed

  • Intersecting seams - open

  • Intersecting seams - closed

  • Notch matching

Each sewing process builds in complexity and adds to your sewing knowledge and sewing skills. You will learn sewing terminology and, as pattern pieces are included, you will also start to understand how to use these

The lesson contains all the practical pieces you need to practice each sewing process several times. You do not need to brave fabric shops or go hunting online for anything else, once you receive your lesson you can start sewing straight away. It also provides you with sample reference cards, so you can save your samples along with the instructions and any notes you may make. This is turn builds into your own wonderful reference library you can refer back to at any time. Working on a pair of jeans and forgotten how to insert a fly, you will have all you need to remind you in your library!

Example of practical items included:

  • Fabric - most samples are completed with a medium weight calico, some may be on a lightweight calico, to build experience with transparent fabrics, while some seam types may be better on a heavier felt. You will have enough fabric to practice and complete each sewing process several times

  • Thread - a high quality, contrasting thread is provided, so you can see your stitches and it is clear where you have sewn

  • Pins - they come in many shapes and sizes, long, bead headed pins are provided, they are easy to pick up and to see in your fabric

  • Needles - the majority of these lessons and sewing processes may be completed by hand or basic sewing machine. Needles are included so you can get sewing straight away, should you so wish to hand sew, the results will be just as good

  • Instructions - these are written by trained, sewing and dressmaking experts. I am all for people being self taught, however when it comes to them sharing sewing information, their knowledge is usually very limited, they can miss a lot of details or information, in some cases even passing on misleading or incorrect info! Our lessons include lots of useful, reliable, tested information to ensure your sewing has the best possible outcome

  • Pattern pieces - although most of the samples use basic shapes, we include pattern pieces for these so you can also start to learn about how patterns work, building your knowledge naturally about grainlines, notches, seam allowances, fabric marking etc

  • Reference Cards - these A4 cards allow you to take your own notes when practicing your samples. There is also room on the cards for you to attach you sewing samples, the perfect reference for you to refer back to at any time, exactly as a professional sewer would!

  • A Sewn Sample - every process will have it's own sewn sample, which you can hold in your hand and see exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. Just like having a sewing tutor sitting beside you! Not sure what an open seam is, you can hold the open seam in your hand and see it clearly, how easy is that!

  • Haberdashery - depending on the lesson, various other items will be included, for example, the zip lesson will include several zips, so you can learn to shorten a zip and insert a zip in a couple of different ways

The lessons have been thoughtfully designed in that they assume no sewing knowledge at all. You can pick and choose what you would like to learn. Maybe you are confident in sewing seams but would like to learn how to put in a zip - the zip lesson is perfect for you! Maybe you are fed up with raw edges and would like to learn some different ways to finish off your seams, there are two lessons on seam finishes!

If you are unsure, we also have an introductory taster lesson, with two sewing process - a basic open seam and an enclosed French seam. It includes fabric, thread, instructions, samples, reference cards, everything you would expect in a full lesson. This lesson is only £10 and also includes a £5 voucher which you can redeem against any other sewing lesson.

New sewing lessons will be regularly released, including, facings, hems, patch pockets, there is a long list! There will also be block drafting and pattern drafting lessons, lots to look forward to.

If you have any questions at all about the sewing lessons, please comment on this blog post or drop an email to

For lots more sewing know how and sewing fun, follow at:

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