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Sew it begins!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

How do I learn to sew? What do I need to get started? Where do I go to buy needles and thread? What is a good first project?

Sewing is an amazing and simple skill to learn, sadly there's a lot of poor and misleading information out there resulting in many abandoned sewing projects and frustrated beginners. Fed up of seeing new sewers lose their enthusiasm and give up, the Dressmaker's Apprentice was born, we want you to win at sewing and our trained and skilled experts are here to help you transform your sewing!

If you have ever:

- Wanted to learn to sew but not known where or how to start

- Given up on a sewing project as it has seemed too complicated

- Not been able to find a reliable source of sewing information in all the noise of the internet

- Wasted money on beautiful fabric and been scared to cut it

- Not understood sewing instructions or jargon used..........

then the Dressmaker's Apprentice is here to solve all of these frustrations. We will show you a new approach to learning to sew, built on the traditions of sewing and the methods which have been used to teach professional sewers for hundreds of years. It will be as if you had your own experienced sewing instructor sitting right beside you. We assume you have no sewing knowledge at all and really do take it from the basics, allowing you to gently build your knowledge and confidence. We believe learning sewing processes is more important than buying expensive sewing machinery or gadgets, all of our lessons can be completed either with a basic sewing machine or by hand sewing.

With each beautifully constructed sewing lesson we provide you with all you need to learn various sewing processes, a complete sewing lesson in an envelope. No need to order fabric online or try to find a needle and thread, everything is here (except scissors - more on that later!) Direct to your door you will receive everything you need to learn: instructions, fabric, needle and thread, and most importantly a complete worked sample of the technique you are learning. No more pausing YouTube videos or trying to understand poorly drawn pictures, you will have the completed sample in your hand, able to clearly see what it is you are trying to achieve! How good is that?!

With each lesson you will practice the various sewing processes and produce your own finished samples. It may be a simple straight seam, matched notches, a lapped zip, whatever you choose. From these you will start to build your own sample reference library in exactly the same way as a sewing professional does. Sample cards will be provided as part of the lesson pack for you to safely store your samples and make any notes, so that any time you need to remember a technique or method you can simply refer back to your own sample. You will have enough fabric to practice each technique several times, so building your skills, accuracy and sewing confidence.

What are you waiting for?! Why not go now and select your first lesson. What would you like to learn, how to sew basic seams, how to professionally finish seams (no overlockers here please!), how to mark fabric or maybe how to insert a zip perfectly. Maybe you would like to learn it all, it is totally up to you. We would love to see your sewing, please do share your pics at #thedressmakersapprentice

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