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Hand vs Machine - All You Need is a Needle!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

This next statement may seem controversial at first, but to sew beautiful garments all you really need is a needle and thread! Certainly a basic sewing machine is a bonus, but to those wanting to start, simply grab your needle and get sewing!

Like any craft or hobby we carry out at home, there are always lots of expensive machines, gadgetry, tools etc that we could buy - the best football boots, the most expensive cake mixer, a top of the range embroidery machine. When we start a hobby there is so much to learn, so many things we could try, so many different opinions. We want the best (most expensive!) of everything, but in reality 99.9999% of these gadgets are definitely not required, nice to have, of course, but essential to the craft, not at all.

Sewing is an art, there is so much to learn it can take decades, and that in itself is part of the pleasure. Learning new sewing techniques and different methods brings joy and expands the tools we have at our fingertips to then apply to our projects, giving wonderful end results. Less than a hundred years ago, hand sewn clothes were common place, the high street, online shopping and fast fashion was jut a twinkle in the capitalist's eye, and craftsmanship in sewing was sill revered, as it is in the couture houses today.

At the Dressmaker's Apprentice we firmly believe there should be no barriers to anyone wanting to learn to sew. There is no room in sewing for the snobbery of expensive sewing machines, or the need to purchase expensive scissors or pointless over lockers (sergers). Sewing is an important life skill and whether you simply want to sew on a missing button or mend a pair of jeans, maybe make yourself a skirt or create your daughter's wedding dress, it truly is accessible to all. Using a needle and thread to sew, may take a bit longer, but it:

  • allows you to start sewing with minimal cost

  • gives you invisible, high end, finishes

  • lets you be extremely accurate in your stitching

  • removes any fear of sewing machines

  • allows your projects to become portable

  • lets you learn and build sewing confidence

  • is wonderfully quiet and relaxing

  • will give you stunning results

  • allows you to get started now!

The most important thing in sewing is the sewing itself, from practical mending to creative dressmaking, we can all do it. Never let anyone put you off by mistakenly telling you that you need expensive machines or gadgets. Master the processes, learn the craft, take time to practice your stitching, and you will soon be completing those sewing projects you have been dreaming off! What will your fabric become?!

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