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What We Do

We deliver complete sewing lessons directly to your door, providing you with all you need to get started and succeed.
Uniquely we provide you with a complete, sewn sample of each sewing process so you can see exactly what you are trying to achieve.
We help you transform your sewing, giving you the tools and knowledge you need to make your sewing projects a success.

Sewing Lessons

Designed especially for beginners and those wanting to learn new sewing techniques. Our lessons provide everything you need directly to your door. No need to go shopping for fabric, needles, pins - simply select your lesson, open and start sewing!


Block Drafting Lessons

Blocks are the basic forms in clothing. Want to learn how to draft your own block to fit you perfectly. Lessons include everything you need to draft a range of standard blocks, from bodice to kimono. Master these blocks and start your own pattern cutting journey.

Coming Soon

Weekend Wonders

A series of simple yet beautiful and practical projects to help build your sewing skills and confidence.

Can be completed easily in a weekend. Available as free instructions or as part of a complete lesson with everything you need included


Dressmaking Patterns

Building on our sewing lessons, each pattern lets you know exactly what sewing skills are required to ensure you have a perfect outcome each time. Completed our seam and hemming lessons, our wrap skirt is perfect for you! Contemporary designs translated into easy-to-follow patterns.

Coming Soon


Need more calico for extra practice or maybe you have run out of tacking thread.

Our haberdashery is a reliable one stop shop for everything that you find in our lessons, should you wish to practice more or try new techniques. 


Pattern Cutting Lessons

Want to learn how to adapt a sleeve, move a dart, or change a neckline, then our pattern cutting lessons are perfect for you. Each pattern cutting lesson contains all you need to master a range of pattern cutting techniques, from slash and spread to dart manipulation.

Coming Soon

Any Questions?

Please do get in touch to learn more.

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