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For Fun - The 12 Seams of Christmas

Who knew the 12 Days of Christmas started on Christmas Day and ended on January 5th? Not me!

As usual, I was sewing and thinking about sewing, while sewing, and how much our seam choice impacts the final finish of a garment, how it hangs and flows, as well as how it lasts through washes. Commercial patterns are not too helpful in sharing different seam options, they basically tell you to 'sew the seam' and that's it.

For fun, thought I'd consider 'The 12 Seams of Christmas', why, when and where you might sew these useful, different seam types and seam finishes.

As always, the emphasis is on sewing accessibility, so each seam can be sewn beautifully by hand or on a basic sewing machine. No expensive or fancy sewing machines required!

A seam was posted on Insta and Fbook every day from December 25th, sadly finishing yesterday. Lot's of info about how to sew each seam type, what fabric type it suits and lots of helpful hints and tips for success included with each seam post.

The seams and seam finishes covered each day are:

- a hand tacked seam

- an open seam

- a closed seam

- open intersecting seams

- closed intersecting seams

- notch matching on seams

- a French seam

- a run and fell seam

- a hand overcast seam

- a welt seam

- a mock French seam!

- a review of the 12 days :)

Amazing! These are all fantastically useful seams and seam finishes to know and use in your garments.

One seam a day was shared from December 25th, and can be viewed at:

There's lots of good stuff in the posts but should you like to learn even more about seam types and seam finishes, and practice sewing them, we have wonderful lessons on each, from basic seams to enclosed seams and seam finishing. No need to hit the shops for fabric or thread, let us send everything you need straight out to you. Why not try something new with your sewing this New Year!

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