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Zips! The enemy of the new sewer! This lesson will make the zip your best friend. It is perfect for beginners starting out and also for those wanting to perfect their zip insertions. Providing you with traditional, reliable methods to sewing zips so giving you great results every time. For accuracy and neatness, a specialist zipper foot can be used on your sewing machine, however, good results can still be achieved with a regular foot or hand sewing. 


Our lessons uniquely provide you with a sewn sample of each technique so you can clearly see what it is you are trying to acheive, you will have the finished example in youe hands. They also provide you with all you need to sew and complete each process several times. 


Sewing, and pressing, processes include:

- how to shorten a zip for fit

- how to insert a lapped zip - machine finish

- how to insert a lapped zip - hand finish

- how to insert a centered zip - machine finish

- how to insert a centered zip - hand finish


In addition this lesson includes:

- a completed sewn sample for each process (machine and hand versions may be shown together on one sample)

- instruction cards/sample cards for each process

- fabric to practice each technique several times

- pattern pieces for practice

- zips for practice

- needles and pins

- Gutermann tacking thread

- Gutermann sewing thread


All you need to have is a pair of scissors, any will do, as long as they cut, no need for anything fancy, paper scissors are great!


All the techniques in this lesson can be competed by either hand or by machine or a mix of both.



Sewing Lesson: Zips 01

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