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A fabulous project to tackle easily in a weekend. Can you simply sew a straight seam? Then this project is for you! Practice your pinning, pressing and straight sewing while making a beautiful cloth bag, based on the Japanese fabric bags - azumo bukuro - used to give gifts or for storage. 


Using tea towels means your fabric edges are already hemmed, no raw edges to finish, so you only have to sew three straight seams! How easy is that!


This Weekend Wonder includes:


  • Two tea towels
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Needles
  • Instruction Booklet


There are several tea towel options to choose from:


- a pair of striped (1 wide stripe, 1 narrow stripe)

- a pair of checked (1 small check, 1 large stripe)

- a pair of citrus


This project will build your sewing confidence and show you the process so you can then make as many as you like, in any size and in any fabric you fancy! 


Why not raid the tea towel drawer or pop your sustainable head on, grab your fabric scraps and make a wonderful patchwork version. The options are endless!

Weekend Wonder - Tea Towel Tote

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