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Moving on from simple seams, enclosed  seams will provide you with more flexibility in your sewing and your choice of seam and seam finish. Enclosed seams are suitable for a variety of fabric types and weights. The lesson also includes simple pattern pieces so alongside the seams you will naturally start to learn about patterns, pattern marks and how to cut out.


Our lessons uniquely provide you with a sewn sample of each technique you are learning so you can clearly see what it is you are trying to achieve, you will have a finished example in your hands. They also provide you with all you need to sew and complete each process several times. By the end of the lesson, you will have sewn your own perfect sample and you can start building your sewing sample reference library.


You will perfect the following sewing processes:


- Run and Fell Seam: machine finished

- Run and Fell Seam: hand finished

- French Seam

- Mock French Seam

- Standing Fell/Felled French Seam

- Welt Seam


In addition, this lesson includes:

- a completed sewn sample for each process

- instruction cards/sample cards for each process

- fabric to practice each technique several times

- pattern pieces for practice

- needles and pins

- Gutermann sewing thread


All you need to have is a pair of scissors, any will do as long as they cut, no need for anything fancy, paper scissors are totally fine! 


All the techniques in this lesson can be competed by either hand or by machine, whatever is your preference. Let's get sewing!

Sewing Lesson: Enclosed Seams 01

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