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In the realm of sewing, there exists a world of artistry and precision known as couture sewing. The term "couture" conjures images of the most exquisite and perfectly tailored garments, painstakingly handcrafted to the highest standards. While the idea of couture sewing might seem intimidating, it's an art form that can be brought into your own home, empowering you to create clothing and projects of unparalleled quality and beauty.


In this sewing lesson, we will embark on a journey into the heart of couture sewing, exploring the timeless techniques that have graced the runways of Paris and enchanted fashion connoisseurs for generations. You don't need a professional atelier or a team of seamstresses; all you need is your passion for sewing and a willingness to embrace the artistry of hand stitching.


Whether you're an experienced seamstress or just beginning your sewing adventure, couture sewing techniques offer a world of inspiration and endless possibilities. From meticulously hand-stitched hems to the delicate art of thread tracing, each skill you acquire will bring you one step closer to achieving the hallmark of couture: garments of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.


Our lessons uniquely provide you with a sewn sample of each technique you are learning so you can clearly see what it is you are trying to achieve, you will have a finished example in your hands. They also provide you with all you need to sew and complete each process several times. By the end of the lesson, you will have sewn your own perfect sample and you can start building your sewing sample reference library.


You will perfect the following sewing processes:

- hand tacked seam

- thread tracing

- tailor's tacks

- hand overcasting

- hand sewn button loops

- invisible hemming


In addition, this lesson includes:

- a completed sewn sample for each process

- instruction cards/sample cards for each process

- fabric to practice each technique several times

- pattern pieces for practice

- needles and pins

- Gutermann tacking thread

- Gutermann sewing thread


All you need to have is a pair of scissors, any will do as long as they cut, no need for anything fancy, paper scissors are totally fine! 


Let's get sewing!

Sewing Lesson: Couture Techniques 01

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