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Master Your Machine

Welcome to your free guide:

Learn to Sew Perfect Corners

The big secret to learning to sew corners, same as learning to sew straight lines - practice, practice, practice! Following on from learning to sew straight lines, these exercises are all practiced on your unthreaded machine and a piece of paper, now with corners ruled on it. By 'sewing' corners on paper first, you:

- learn how to control your machine with the pedal

- learn how to guide your 'fabric' in relation to your needle

- build your sewing confidence, you've nothing to lose - it's only paper!

I cannot stress enough the benefits of practicing on these paper printouts, do it for a couple of days at least until you see your accuracy improve, believe me, you will end up wasting less fabric and making fewer mistakes in your projects!

Practice, Practice, Practice!


Master Your Machine

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