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Sewing Lessons But Not As You Know It

Let us remove your sewing frustrations and build your sewing skills and confidence, by providing you with complete sewing lessons, delivered directly to your door.

Explore our expertly designed lessons, each uniquely containing sewn samples of the processes you are learning so you clearly see what you are trying to achieve, it's like having an experienced tutor sitting beside you

Pick and choose your lessons, practice the techniques and build your own sewing reference library

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Want to learn to sew but do not know where to start?

Frustrated that your sewing is not straight, accurate or pretty

Feeling uncertain as you don't know what fabric, thread or tools you need to get started

Unhappy that your garments look home made and not  professional

Overwhelmed by the amount of sewing information out there, who can you trust?

Sick of having to rip out stitches and restart again and again as sewing skills are not where you would like them to be

Fed Up With Destroying Your Beautiful Fabrics and Having the Seam Ripper as Your Best Friend?

At The Dressmaker's Apprentice, We Believe You Deserve........

The best possible sewing lessons which allow you to build your sewing confidence, sewing skills & sewing knowledge

We understand exactly how you feel, we were all once at the same sewing place, right at the beginning with no sewing ability but the desire and passion to start.

We have been sewing for decades, designing clothes, pattern cutting, and constructing wonderful garments and now we want to share this exciting experience with you - what will your fabric become?!


How Do Our Lessons Help You?

Our sewing lessons assume no knowledge and provide you with everything you need to learn a range of sewing processes and techniques.

Uniquely, you will receive a sewn sample of each technique you are exploring, a sample you can hold in your hand and see exactly what it is you are trying to achieve.

Each lesson is carefully created by sewing experts with decades of sewing experience. The lessons contain all you need to learn and practice each technique several times.  

Each lesson allows you to practice and complete your own sewing sample so you can build your own sewing reference library, learn and practice the techniques and then apply them successfully to your sewing projects. 

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3 Simple Steps to Sewing Success

It Really Is This Easy

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Select the lesson you wish to explore, basic seams or seam finishes, could be zip insertion or maybe its time to move on to more complex seams, it's up to you!

Image by Every Angle



Receive your complete lesson to your door. Practice, practice, practice with the materials received, make mistakes, start to learn & build your sewing skills and sewing confidence.

Image by Kate Kozyrka



First lesson complete, take pride in your straight seams, and feel the joy of inserting a zip beautifully the first time.  Feel your sewing frustrations disappear, and your confidence grow. What's next?

Our Promises To You

Our lessons assume no prior sewing knowledge and are perfect for everyone, bringing sewing success to beginners starting out and those more experienced wishing to refresh and refine

Our lessons will reliably help you to improve and expand your sewing skills, building your sewing ability and sewing confidence while removing your sewing frustrations

Our lessons contain all you need to practice each sewing exercise several times, so you will perfect each technique, completing each lesson either by hand or machine sewing, or a mix of both

Our lessons have no barriers to learning to sew, they require no expensive machinery - a needle, and thread, or a basic sewing machine are all you need for sewing success!

Transform Your Sewing Life!

Before: Unsure of where and how to start sewing, sick of trawling the internet, watching YouTube, and getting nowhere

After: The Dressmaker's Apprentice provides you with a reliable one-stop-shop for all your sewing lessons

Before: You have no idea what fabric to buy, what needles or threads to use, or how to get started in sewing

After: Our lessons include the correct fabric, needles, and thread, all you need to successfully practice each sewing process, no need to try and find out what you should be buying, or from where, we send it all directly to you 

Before: Have been trying to learn from blogs and videos but cannot see what I am trying to achieve

After: The Dressmaker's Apprentice uniquely provides you with a complete sewn sample of each technique you are learning, you can hold it in your hand and see clearly what you are attempting to sew

Before: Frustrated with patterns and projects that assume some sewing knowledge and stop you in your tracks

After: The Dressmaker's Apprentice assumes no prior sewing knowledge and allows you to select individual lessons to suit your sewing ability building your sewing knowledge as you go

Before: Fed up with misinformation and confusing sewing instructions from well-meaning self-taught sewers online

After: Reliable sewing knowledge shared by trained, experienced dressmakers and designers, based on years of sewing tradition and best practice, passed down through generations

Before: Worried that you need to buy expensive machinery, such as overlockers (sergers) to successfully sew garments

After: The Dressmaker's Apprentice shows you that thinking couture and beautifully made is much better than overlocked, fast fashion and factory finishes

What Do You Get?

- Clear instructions for each sewing technique, with most lessons suitable for both hand and machine sewing 
- A fully worked sample for each process in the lesson, so you can clearly see what you are trying to achieve
- General haberdasheries such as needles, pins, and thread

- An A4 sample library reference card, for you to store your completed samples, with instructions, and any notes you make
- Enough fabric for you to practice each process several times
- Specific process hardware and tools - such as zips, fabric marking tools, buttons

You receive all this plus the confidence you're taking your best steps forward on your successful sewing journey when you purchase a lesson today!

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Let's Get Started!

Basic Seams


  • Introduction to seams

  • What is a seam and how to sew one

  • What are notches and how to match notches

  • What is tacking (basting) 

  • How to sew intersecting seams

  • What is the difference between closed and open seams

  • How to cut and use basic pattern pieces

  • Seam sewing exercises to build your knowledge, skill, and confidence

  • Sample library reference cards for each process plus fully worked samples

  • Needles, pins, thread and fabric for practicing

Marking Fabric


  • Introduction to fabric marking

  • Learn traditional marking methods, including, tailor's chalk and thread tracing

  • Explore modern marking methods, including, carbon paper and tracing wheels

  • Fabric marking exercises including darts and notches to build your knowledge, skill and confidence

  • Sample library reference cards for each process plus fully worked samples

  • Light and dark fabric and selection of marking tools

Zip Insertion



  • Introduction to sewing zips

  • How to shorten a zip for perfect fit

  • How to sew a centred zip

  • How to sew a lapped zip

  • How to finish a zip by machine or in the traditional hand sewn methods still used in couture today

  • Zip insertion exercises to build you knowledge, skill and confidence

  • Sample library reference cards for each process plus fully worked samples

  • Needles, pins, thread, fabric and zips

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